How Long Does it Take to Install a Decking?

The average installation will take 1 to 2 days depending on the size of the job, materials involved and how many people working on it.A small garden around 15m2 may only take 2 days, but for a job which requires removal of existing decking and shrubs etc, excavation, could take up to 4 days.

Is decking a good idea?

Decking is a splendid way to extend your building’s living space. Typically, it offers an extra social space ideal for children playing, entertaining, dining, or relaxing. Simply put, it’s one of the most attractive additions that can be made to a home at an affordable cost

Is decking cheaper than paving?

The cost of decking material is lower than that of paving material. Moreover, the construction cost of decking is lower than paving. However, the maintenance cost of pavers is less than decks. Besides, pavers may never need replacement like decks.

How Much Does Decking Cost?

A typical decking project can cost anywhere from £1,000-2,000 and normally takes 2-3 days to complete. This is variable depending on the materials and size of the area. The most popular types of decking are either pre-treated softwood or hardwood which would be more expensive and durable. For softwood, an area of around 15m2 would would …

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What Type of Decking is Best?

Softwoods such as pine and spruce will be the more cost effective option, but must be properly maintained with a wood preservative — as should any cuts in the wood. Cedar is an ideal softwood choice, being more weather-resistant. ​ Hardwoods have seen a growth in their popularity recently, with species such as oak and teak giving …

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What is the best decking material?

Both wooden decks and composite decks are currently popular options for decking. But the best decking material should perfectly suit your space. Therefore, you need to strike a balance/compromise between budget, ease of maintenance, climate, and overall aesthetic.