Timber Decking

Timber Decking
Deck installation is the simplest way to transform your outdoor space, and maximise your outdoor living area.
You can get timber decks in a variety of sizes, textures, and designs, which can give your home a natural rustic look that other composite materials can offer.
Though the Scottish weather can be unreliable at times, pressure treated timber can still give your garden and patio decking a lasting impression. We specialise in two timber deck options:

  • Softwood
  • Hardwood

Hardwood vs. Softwood Timber Decks
There isn’t an apparent physical difference between hardwood and softwood, especially when it comes to the physical hardness.
Hardwood decks are created from broadleaved trees such as oak and beech. The trees grow slowly; thus, having more time to mature. As a result, they produce more durable timber.
By contrast, softwood decks are from narrow-leaved trees – confers like pines. It doesn’t match the hardness of hardwood. But we pressure-treat our softwood decks with preservatives, fungicide and insecticides to make them suitable for outdoor decking construction.
Softwood decks are the most affordable solution for decking because it is readily available. The boards come as either grooved or smooth versions.
Our hardwood decks have a natural resistance to rot and decay. Additionally, they come at a premium but is fire resistant, and they will last longer.
When to use Timber Decking Boards

  • To compliment structures: timber deck installation is an amazing finish for the above-ground structures like water surfaces and patios
  • Rehabilitating damaged concrete: if you have damaged concrete, installing a timber deck is the simplest solution.
  • Expanding outdoor space: if you have a damp garden, constructing a timber deck above the space offers you extra relaxing or dining outdoor space. Similarly, if you have an uneven decking can help you rehabilitate.

Why Use Timber Decks
Natural looks – timber offers rustic charm and natural warmth. Additionally, you can stain or paint the decking boards in various colours and get some textures and styles.
Strength and Durability – hardwood decks can withstand the Scottish climate, especially if you choose teak or similar strong wood. Such wood holds the weight efficiently as it won’t buckle, making it suitable for placing furniture.
Extensive Variety of Wood Panels – considering the multiple types of wood and a wide range of finishes, you can give your patio or garden deck a unique look. A carpenter or decking builder can help you choose the right timber and style based on your overall setting.
Easy to Maintain – timber or general wood requires polishing the frame once or twice a year. This should keep the wooden decks looking vibrant and fresh all year long. However, it would help if you built a shade over your deck to protect it from direct sunlight and rains.
Affordability – wooden decks usually fall within the budget because there are multiple options.  However, it would help if you got experienced deck builders to design and install a deck that will impress all and sundry.
Con’s of Timber Decking

Cheaper timber options aren’t long-lasting. Besides, it is prone to staining and scratching. Still, they can crack and splinter.

Upkeep can be tiresome and an added cost. Painting, staining, cleaning, and resealing annually, can add to the cost of installation. This is often why a lot of customers will go for composite decking instead.

Our team at Glasgow Decking Services are on hand to help you build your dream decking for your outdoor area and bring your property back to life.

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